To me, the entire AP system should be abolished. It goes against the World Trade Organisation agreement. This is my personal opinion although others may not agree with me.

rafidah_left.jpgThese were Datuk Seri Rafidah Aziz’s words she gave at the opening of a seminar organised by the Malaysian Associated Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

Over 300 businessmen attending the seminar clapped hands when they heard that.

Not sure whether she means APs should be abolished, or giving out free APs should be replaced with a bid and pay system. This doesn’t sound like her at all. Before this she was defending the recipients so furiously… and now she’s saying this?

Meanshile, the Anti-Corruption Agency has been reported to have carted away several boxes of files from the MITI regarding the investigation of the AP issue. This was ACA’s 2nd visit to MITI.

There were also rumours of Rafidah’s resignation but the PM had denied it.

Source: New Straits Times, The Star