Subaru’s B5-TPH concept was shown at the Tokyo Motor Show 2005. Subaru calls it a blend of the characteristics of a sports wagon, a coupe and an SUV. They could technically call it a shooting brake if they wanted to, like Audi’s Shooting Brake Concept.

Production plans for the Subaru B5-TPH is unknown but Subaru plans to use some of the technologies gained from research in production vehicles in 2007. The TPH in it’s name stands or Turbo Parallel Hybrid. This particular system mates the usual turbocharged 2.0 litre 4 cylinder boxer that’s Subaru is famous for with a thin 13 horsepower motor between the engine and the transmission. This motor boosts torque at low engine speeds.

Frankly I just can’t get used to the new Subaru styling yet.