Mercedes Benz logoNow that DaimlerChrysler AG has washed its hands off the Chrysler group, it wants to rename itself to Daimler AG. But that might not make as much sense as you think it would legally. This is because the future Daimler AG would not have the rights to the Daimler brand.

Instead, the name belongs to Jaguar, who uses it for some of it’s high end cars. Jaguar acquired rights to the Daimler name in 1960 when it bought the Daimler Motor Company, the British carmaker set up by Frederick Simms when he acquired the patents to the Gottlieb Daimler engines and the use of the Daimler name.

DaimlerChrysler AG is currently in legal discussions with Ford Motor Co who owns Jaguar on the use of the Daimler brand name.

DaimlerChrysler will now be allowed to use the name alone or in combination with other words as the title of a trading company, a trade name or a corporate name. The extended usage agreement does not, however, affect either company’s existing right to use the Daimler name for a product,” said a Ford spokesman.

There are some critics who oppose the Daimler AG proposed name change, instead suggesting Daimler-Benz AG, which was the group’s name before it merged with the Chrysler group in 1998. It is suggested that leaving the Benz name out ignores the contribution of Karl Benz to the company.