Two new SUVs from General Motors will be revealed sometime in 2009 – one from Saab and the other from Cadillac. They will be styled differently but will share a common platform and share engine options, which will include the new 250 horsepower 2.9 litre VM Motori twin turbodiesel V6. The Saab SUV will be called the Saab 9-4X, while the Cadillac will most likely be the new Cadillac BRX crossover SUV. The vehicles will be built at GM’s plant in Mexico for the world market.

“It is a growing segment and our vehicle will fit, size wise, between BMW’s X3 and X5. It has become important in the premium sector to have an SUV crossover, almost an emblem or a range standard-bearer, a qualifier for brand credibility. Although they will benefit from shared architecture, the Saab and Cadillac will be two very different vehicles in terms of looks and driving dynamics with no chance of brand confusion,” says Jan-Ake Jonsson, Saab’s managing director.

There will also be a yet to be named Buick crossover SUV to be based off this same platform and engine combination. The platform will essentially be a stretched GM Theta platform and will be able to be configured in either front wheel drive or all-wheel drive.

The new Saab 9-4X will likely be shown as either as a concept or as a production car preview at the 2008 Detroit Motor Show.