Alfa Romeo has revealed three teaser images of their new B-segment hatchback, recently christened the Alfa Romeo Mi.To. Not Junior, not Furiosa. The name Mi.To is short for Milano and Torino (Milan and Turin), cities which host the Alfa Romeo and Fiat headquarters respectively.

The Alfa Romeo Mi.To will be 4060mm long, 1720mm wide and 1440mm tall. Under its hood will be the same family of Fiat engines ranging from 90 horses up to 155 horses, and all petrol and diesel variants will be force inducted. What’s new would be a new range of dual clutch transmissions, replacing the trademark Selespeed.

It will be equipped with a system Alfa calls DNA – Dynamic, Normal and All-Weather. DNA settings will adjust the responsiveness of the throttle, steering, brakes and gear shifts for sporty, city or slippery roads.

Two more photos and a video after the jump.

VIDEO: Alfa Romeo Mi.To