Antonov 2-SpeedWe previously saw Antonov advocating the use of a dual-speed supercharger which allowed boost to be delivered effectively over a wider range of engine speeds. Antonov seems to be taking this dual-speed thing quite seriously, with a new range of gizmos that take advantage of mechanical-based gear shifting.

Their latest idea is allowing belt-driven devices like alternators, water pumps, air-conditioning systems and other engine ancillaries to be driven by two-speed systems. A two-speed planetary gearbox with one step-up ratio and one direct ratio is mounted at the engine crank. At low engine speeds, the step-up ratio is used, and at high engine speeds, it is not necessary to drive ancillary devices faster than is needed so the direct ratio is used to improve efficiency.

Antonov says adding this gearbox will only cost about US$100 and can be used with existing components. Cost is kept low because this planetary gear system is mechanical and does not use external electronic controls or hydraulic systems.