Think Ox

The TH!NK Ox might look like what a second generation smart forfour might look like, but its actually an emissions free concept car from Norway company Think. Think calls it the Ox a family of space frame cars rather than just one car, with different variations available including coupe, sports and “MPV” versions of the car.

It may look small but its actually quite a large car – its design disguises this because the wheels are positioned near the edges of the vehicle. Its wheelbase is actually a rather long 2,775mm, putting it between C-segment and D-segment vehicles in terms of wheelbase. Length is 4,120mm, width is 1,814mm without mirrors, and height is 1,650mm.

The Ox platform was designed to be powered by electric motors and allows two different configurations. One is a high stack design with two compartments which allows use of low cost, high range sodium batteries, while the other is a low stack design for sports car or flat low applications – this uses flat Lithium Ion packs.

The TH!NK Ox exterior is unpainted and recyclable while the interior is 95% recyclable. The roof has a solar panel built into it that powers the interior’s air conditioning when the engine is switched off. The solar panel can also be used to power appliances – Think suggests a sound system for a party on the beach.

Powering the concept is a 60kW (80 horsepower) electric powertrain that can take the TH!NK Ox up to 100km/h in a decent 8.5 seconds, up to a top speed of 130km/h. Power can be upped to 100kW for short bursts of acceleration.

The motor can be powered by either one of the two battery configurations mentioned earlier in this post, it depends how much space you want the battery to take up. Estimated range is about 200km on a combined cycle and 250km during city driving. This can be extended to 450km with a larger battery pack.

The concept is designed to be a plug-in vehicle that can be fully recharged in about 12 hours from a standard 230V power outlet. Think says the lithium-ion version can be charged via an off-board fast charger up to 80% in under 1 hour. The batteries alone weigh about 350kg, while total vehicle weight is expected to be around 1,500kg.

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VIDEO: TH!NK Ox Concept