Audi LogoAudi has unveiled official details on its upcoming new supercharged 3.0 V6 TFSI engine, that will likely make its first debut installed in the upcoming Audi S4 and as an engine variant for the Audi A6. Sadly there are only technical details and no photos.

The two key technologies in the engine is direct injection and supercharging. It also marks the T in TFSI (and TSI for Volkswagen) no longer standing for Turbocharged, which probably means Volkswagen will have to find some creative alternative meaning for what TSI stands for, as it currently means Turbocharged Stratified Injection. The engine also features Valvelift, which in this implementation allows the intake cams to be adjusted through 42 degrees of angle.

Audi says they decided on a supercharger for the new 3.0 litre engine as compared to a twin turbocharged setup as comparative tests revealed the supercharging solution to be better. This means that somewhere in Audi’s test facilities there is a twin turbo version!

The engine uses a single Roots supercharger that sits in between the 90 degree V bank and is integrated into the intake manifold. The supercharger is located right behind the throttle valve, and is designed to require very low amounts of power to drive it during coasting and other low load, low engine speed driving situations as the rotors can just free-run because of the low density of intake air during those situations.

The supercharger is tuned to deliver a boost pressure of up to 0.8 bar, and is hooked up to two water-to-air intercoolers. They managed to tune it so that boost kicks in from idle speed, so there should be no delay in waiting for that thrilling forced induction surge of torque to kick in when you hit the accelerator pedal from a stand-still.

Peak torque of 420Nm is achieved from 2,500rpm and remains constant up till 4,850rpm. Peak horsepower of 290hp is hit at just under 5,000rpm! This is likely the “milder” stage of tune designed for the Audi A6 installation. Expect more power (say about 350hp) and torque for the version in the Audi S4.

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