The little compact 5-seater MPV you see above is the NICE Ze-O from the NICE Car Company in the UK. NICE in this context stands for No Internal Combustion Engine, a very apt name as the Ze-O has no combustion engine but is instead powered by an electric motor (no details on the motor’s kilowatt output).

It will be displayed at the 2008 British International Motor Show this month but unlike all the electric car concepts we’ve seen so far, this isn’t a concept. It’s a production vehicle that will be sold in UK in Autumn 2008 and the rest of Europe in 2009.

The NICE Ze-O is manufactured in China and has a top speed of 88km/h, with a maximum range of 105km, good for day to day driving if you charge every night or maybe every two nights. Range can be extended with optional lithium ion batteries. The best part is the Ze-O is priced for the masses – £14k (RM89,500), not very much different from a high end smart fortwo in the UK.

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