Alfa Romeo 149

The little Alfa Romeo 147 was one of the most fun cars I’ve test driven. There was just something about the way Alfa Romeo made its inline-4 engine sound so good, the way the Selespeed automated manual transmission managed the throttle blipping on downshifts and how it slammed the clutch when you want the quickest upshifts possible. But it is getting a little long in the tooth now, being first introduced in the year 2000 and facelifted in late 2004 for a sleeker look.

The first images of the 147’s successor has made its way onto the internet. This Italian baby is based on the same chassis as the new Fiat Bravo and Lancia Delta. The Alfa Romeo 149 features a nice blend of curves and aggressiveness, with a front end that reminds you of the MiTo and a lovely rear end that features an integrated diffuser design. The images above show conventional door handles for the rear doors, so it means the 149 loses the 147’s “hidden” handles.

You can expect the 149 to most likely share the Bravo and Delta’s engine options, which means a range that includes a few Fiat diesels ranging from 105 PS to 190 PS (twin-turbo Multijet) and the 1.4 litre T-JET turbocharged small engine producing up to 150 PS and 230Nm of torque. It will be curious to see if there will still be a GTA version and if yes, what it will be powered by.