Subaru DEX

Subaru takes its new badge engineering agreement with Toyota/Daihatsu further with the new Subaru Dex, which is essentially a Daihatsu Materia with Subaru badges and grill slapped on. Under the hood is not what you might typically find in a Subaru, a hardly exciting 1.3 litre VVT-i engine mated to a 4-speed auto, not unlike what you’d find in a Perodua Myvi. Speaking of Myvis, Subaru also rebadged the Toyota Passo as the new Subaru Justy. Anyone seen Myvis in KL with Subaru badges yet?

Anyway, check out a gallery of this Subaru-badged Materia after the jump. There will be more Daihatsus badged as Subarus to come in the future, with one of them being the Daihatsu Sonica. The phrase Subaru Sonica sounds a little catchy, at least.

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