Hyundai Equus

This is the first official rendering of the new Hyundai Equus to be released by Korean car manufacturer Hyundai. The Equus (codenamed Hyundai VI) will be Hyundai’s flagship luxury vehicle, positioned against the likes of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and the BMW 7-Series above the Hyundai Genesis, which competes with the 5-Series/E-Class. This is going to be one huge monster as even the Genesis is rather large. In fact the Genesis marketing in the US says the car offers “7-Series size, 5-Series performance and 3-Series price”, so imagine how large this new Hyundai Equus is going to be! Other than being a behemoth, it’s also expected to offer a few firsts in the Hyundai range such as LED headlamps, making the Equus worthy of the “flagship car” title.