Fast and Furious 4

A new trailer of the new Fast and Furious movie has been released! The fourth installment of the franchise brings Vin Diesel and Paul Walker back together, just like old times. These two (and the fast tricked out cars of course) are what made the first movie so special in the first place! The second and third movie somehow just don’t feel as good as the first one. Anyhow this new trailer features some funky Matrix-like building to building jumping (albeit not as ridiculously long a jump), and as usual, hot babes and fast cars. The movie is about double-agents and infiltrating an organisation yet once again, but this time Dom Toretto is the one doing the infiltrating, together with Paul Walker the undercover cop. You would think Walker would have been branded globally by all the criminal organisations as a no-no face to trust after all the times he’s went undercover, but no! Anyway please watch the trailer after the jump, and if you want to watch the first one that was released last year you can watch it on this site too.

Video: New Fast and Furious Movie Trailer