Naza Citra

Need or want a 7-seater? Are you a government servant or an employee of a GLC? Can’t afford the monthly installments even if you stretch your payment period to the very long 9 year term? If you think 9 years was pushing it, wait until you see this. I do not recommend taking such insanely long loans for a rapidly depreciating item such as a car but there is such an option now anyway, if you want to put yourself in such a situation.

Naza Kia Sdn Bhd has teamed up with the Koperasi Pendidikan Usahawan Berhad and AmBank Berhad to offer a 12 year low interest rate loan for the Naza Citra RS and GS. Monthly installments can go as low as RM647. There is also a promotion now where you will get free 2 months installment, a free 2 year or 50,000km service maintenance package, and an extended 5 year or 125,000km warranty.

Call 1-800-888-542 to find out more. Those who want something newer can check out the Naza Citra II Rondo.