Dodge NP200
Could Dodge rebadge the Nissan NP200 for an entry-level pickup? Artist’s impression by Theophilus Chin.

Chrysler is said to be mulling introducing a small pick-up truck based on a monocoque car chassis to slot in below its large ladderframe trucks. Such a vehicle would allow Chrysler to improve its Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards, as the more fuel efficient small truck would compensate for the large guzzlers at the top of the line.

What immediately comes to mind is a pick-up truck based on the Nissan NP200 pickup, which was itself based on the Dacia Logan pickup. Chrysler already has a partnership with Nissan, who supplies Chrysler with compact vehicles to sell under the Dodge brand in Latin America. For example, the Nissan Latio is sold under the Dodge brand as the Dodge Trazo with little changes, not even a major adaptation of the Latio’s grille to match the Dodge corporate nose.

While we’re at it, they really might as well look into replacing the Dodge Dakota with a rebadged Nissan Navara (artist’s impression after the jump), like Suzuki has done with the Suzuki Equator.

Dodge Navara
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