Here’s a chance for you to win a total of RM 10,000 worth of Sony and Apple products, thanks to an online contest brought to you by Castrol EDGE engine oil. The contest involves 3 easy steps:

  1. Register at the contest website and watch the weekly videos every week – four videos will be posted up, one each week on the Castrol Edge Sport Speed Challenge website. The four videos show four different teams changing their car’s engine oil to Castrol EDGE Sport.
  2. Guess how much time each time took – The four teams are the Hot Chics (I recognise Cindy from Malaysian Dream Girl fame as one half of that team), the Sweet Young Things, the Geeks and the Pros. Remember, naturally these are 4 different types of personalities with different levels of skill and experience so these will all affect the time they take to accomplish the task.
  3. Key in your guesses – There are two levels of competition here – the weekly contest and the grand prize contest. There are prizes for guessing correctly for each week as well as an overall total prize for guessing all 4 weeks correctly. Remember to key in your guess during the week of each respective video! If somehow you decide to join the contest in week 3, you are still allowed to guess week 1 and 2’s times but you won’t be eligible for the weekly contest but will be eligible for the overall grand prize. Here’s a hint for you – according to Castrol, a professional mechanic usually takes 10 to 15 minutes to change a car’s engine oil.

The following are the prizes for the overall competition:

Grand Prize – Sony Bravia 37″ LCD TV
Second Prize – Sony Playstation 3
Third Prize – Apple iPod Touch 8GB

Weekly winners will get a Sony Walkman MP3 player. All winners will also get a WRC car model, a Castrol EDGE Sport umbrella and a Castrol EDGE Sport T-shirt.

For those of you who who have blogs, you can also get an additional chance to win the Sony Walkman MP3 player. Just embed the video code above on your blog, title it “Castrol EDGE Sport Speed Challenge” and talk about the contest. You can be creative about it, and I have a hunch there will be many who will be commenting about the weeks where the “Hot Chics” and “Sweet Young Things” are doing their oil change. I’ve watched this week’s Hot Chics video and they look rather clueless, go check it out! Judges will be searching the web for your blog posts and the 6 most creative entries will win a Sony Walkman MP3 player each.

Just a backgrounder on what the 4 teams are pouring into the cars – Castrol EDGE Sport is an engine oil that Castrol says can withstand extreme conditions – extreme maximum power, extreme heat, extreme cold and extreme fuel economy. In one test, Castrol took two V8-powered Ford Mustangs and put them on a dyno – one with Castrol EDGE Sport and one with a regular synthetic oil. They found that EDGE Sport maintained maximum horsepower on the dyno 45% longer than the competing engine oil.

You can watch these videos after the jump.