Maybach Zeppelin

Built on the old W140 S-Class tank chassis resized with updated tech and with half W220 front and half W221 rear styling cues, the Maybach 57 and 62 are getting a little old. Sales figures are not up to expectations. What’s this – a new Maybach model we see? Not exactly. The Maybach Zeppelin series are basically the same old 57 and 62 with a more powerful version of the 6.0 litre V12 from the 57 S and 62 S, a two-tone exterior and a built-in perfume spray (the Peugeot 308 also has something similiar).

Power is up only 28 horses to 640hp while torque remains at a massive 1,000Nm, thanks to the V12’s twin turbocharged technology. The interior gets some high-spec California beige leather and shiny lacquered piano black trim. The car’s carpeting are made of genuine lambskin. The earlier mentioned perfume spray uses two scents (one light and refreshing and the other is heavier and woodier) developed for Maybach by Givaudan.

The price? €406,000 for the Maybach 57 Zeppelin while the 62 Zeppelin costs €473,200. The perfume spray is optional, costing an extra €3950.

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