Scott Speed and Danica Patrick

Here’s more details on the upcoming USF1 team! It seems that Peter Windsor and Ken Anderson have confirmed that they’re up to something and were actually surprised that their plans have been under the wraps for several years now. Well, not exactly completely under the wraps, since there was talk of these guys talking to Honda sometime last year, but still, many details have only just recently surfaced.

There is now talk that the team will be making the Charlotte region its home, where the Concord $40 million Windshear race-car testing tunnel is located, and that details on the new USF1 team might surface on the 24th of February 2009. A secondary base will be located in Europe, likely in northern Spain.

As for the drivers? The rumoured duo is a male and female team comprising of American ex-Toro Rosso driver Scott Speed and everyone’s favorite race car driver turned model Danica Patrick, motorsport’s very own Maria Sharapova. Other potentials include Conor Daly, son of former F1 driver Derek Daly and Josef Newgarden.

Peter Windsor said it has not been easy raising money for the team in a recession such as this but the team will adapt to the changing times much like how FIA is adapting F1 rules. He also added that F1 is primarily an entertainment business so every aspect of USF1 will reflect that, which probably explains the extreme appeal of Danica Patrick as a driver – tons of viewers not even interested in F1 could tune in just to see her strut her self before and after the race! In fact, Ken Anderson says Danica is “great and gets alot of press”.