Shell Cars

The Shell Ferrari model cars are back again! Shell releases these cars with a new feature every year and last year was the engine sounds of course. This year the cars have abit more intelligence in them.

See the thing is these are Ferraris which are supposed to be able to scream through corners like they’re on rails but the previous cars only go straight like American dragsters! So Shell has solved this – this year the 1:38 scale cars can actually turn!

Shell calls this feature “Touch Steering”. There is a directional button underneath which you can press to store up to 15 different directions. A microchip inside reads these commands and stores them, and controls the front wheels to steer.

I think this is quite a good feature, because after all alot of kids are going to play with these cars. A kid can set up his own little race circuit in his living room hall or playroom and then program the car to race through the circuit. This extends the lifespan of the toy before the kid gets bored with it as it opens up a whole new world other than just a toy car going straight into the wall.

Shell also did a TVC featuring Michael Schumacher.

5 cars are offered, which are the 430 Scuderia, FXX Evoluzione, 599 GTB Fiorano, 612 Scaglietti and the 360 GTC. The cars are RM6.90 with a minimum purchase of RM40 of Shell V-Power Racing, or RM8.90 with a minimum purchase of RM40 of Shell Super or Shell Diesel.

The yellow 599 GTB Fiorano and red 430 Scuderia re only available at RM6.90 with the purchase of 4L Shell Helix Ultra or Shell Helix Diesel HX7 or RM8.90 with every purchase of 3L/4L Shell Helix HX5.

There is also a play mat and a display garage set for RM15 and RM60 respectively.

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