The FIA is supposed to be working on a new “World Engine” due in 2013 that can be used for 3 FIA categories – F1, F2 and WRC. Max Mosley described the engine as one single engine that could be aspirated and tuned differently for the different categories.

It could be turboed for F1, normally aspirated for F2 and perhaps lightly boosted for the WRC. He added that the project is only in its planning phase and in very early stages. FIA will consult the manufacturers on this matter. The engine will be standard but teams will be able to customise its peripheral areas, such as KERS and other forms of energy recovery such as from the brakes, brake heat and exhaust heat.

“Our basic objective is that the money spent in motorsport on research and development should be relevant and useful to the car industry rather than a highly specialized area which has no relevance to anything else,” says Max Mosley, referring to KERS and other peripherals.

With more and more standardization going into F1, the latest seems to be the engine itself, which takes a big variable and element of excitement out of the sport. There is already going to be a standard Cosworth engine that teams can pick from soon. What do you think guys, will a standard engine take the fun out of F1?