The latest model Subaru Impreza has been in our market for quite sometime now, but I don’t know about you but I have yet to see one on our road.

Perhaps I’ve just been in the wrong places at the wrong times. The previous generations on the other hand can be seen nearly once a day and it’s a joy to hear it burbling past, thanks to its turbocharged boxer engine.


The Subaru Imprezas that we get here in Malaysia is unique in the sense that they are European spec models brought in from Europe instead of the JDM models that the grey importers bring in. This means no speed limit!

But I’m just curious on why has the takeup of the Impreza been slow compared to its arch-rival the Lancer Evolution? Is it because the Impreza has traditionally been viewed as a hot rally-going sedan instead of its current hatchback incarnation?

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There are of course sedan versions of the car. Personally what do you think – do you prefer the sedan variant of the Impreza WRX or the hatchback version? Do vote above and share your opinion in the comments section – I’m pretty sure the people from Motor Image are watching.