Think it’s time to post something new on the progress of fixing up the BMW E30! When I got the car, it was quite driveable but it looks like before I purchased it, it had not been driven for a long time (continue reading after the jump).


The small little niggles with the suspension quickly deteriorated thanks to our horrible roads and before I knew it, the rear of the car was running pretty much on springs only with the rear shocks being completely dead. There are also various rust spots that I’ll fix up with a proper full treatment and paint job when I can afford it.


So off the E30 went into the shop to fix up the various issues that I’ve spotted so far with the car, mainly being the suspension. The radiator was leaking a little so that was replaced. The exhaust rear muffler has also been repositioned properly to be a little higher – previously it was mounted pretty low and was scraping against the ground when I went up steep ramps.


The exhaust manifold leak has been fixed by using a good used from the E34. Couldn’t find any convenient E30 manifolds. Of course there had to be some mods to be done for the E34 manifold to fit but that was taken care of.

The car is still in the workshop. Alot of bits have been replaced – the rear two shocks, various bushings, mounts, gaskets, etc. Once it’s out I’ll be back with a full list of stuff that has been changed.