The One-77 supercar is set to be Aston Martin’s fastest road car ever after surpassing its maker’s predictions and comfortably breaking the 320 km/h mark.

The ultra exclusive £1.2 million car (only 77 will be made) is currently in the later stages of development ahead of its planned debut in 2010. During high speed testing at an undisclosed proving ground in southern Europe, the One-77 recorded a 354.86 km/h top speed in dry but windy conditions.

Powered by a new 7.3 litre V12 engine with over 750 bhp, the One-77 features a new carbon fibre monocoque body structure and adopts active aerodynamic technology. Gaydon describes it as “the ultimate expression of what Aston Martin stands for which will combine modern technology and design with craftsmanship and ultimate exclusivity to create the world’s most desirable automotive art form.”

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