Toyota Prius

The second wave of Toyota’s problems – this time focused on the Prius – began when Steve Wozniak claimed his 2010 Toyota Prius could unintentionally accelerate to about 97mph (156km/h) whenever he uses cruise control to increase his speed. He claims that he knows exactly what to do to duplicate the problem and can do it anytime.

And since in cruise control you don’t touch the pedal, it seems doubtful that it is a pedal issue. But thankfully for Steve, braking to cancel the cruise control system continues to work so it’s easy to stop. Toyota has offered to take Wozniak’s car in for a week to diagnose the problem.

Soon after that, it was reported that over 100 Prius drivers in the US and Japan have reported problems with brakes on the model. The numbers come to about 100 in US and 14 in Japan. The brakes on the Prius is a rather complicated thing – the car has to manage between actual braking using the disc brakes and braking with brake energy regeneration used to charge the batteries. 3 drivers even claim that brake issues have resulted in crashes.

Toyota Prius Interior

The response to the Prius issues have been far quicker than the accelerator pedal issue. Toyota has announced a recall and pinpointed a problem in the software that controls the ABS system in the Prius. Apparently reprogramming the ABS system will solve the problem. But there still hasn’t been anything so far about the cruise control issue that Steve Wozniak brought up.

UMW Toyota Motor just announced yesterday that it will be calling in the Prius to perform the necessary corrective measures. There are currently 60 of the affected third generation Toyota Prius in Malaysia right now roaming our roads. UMW Toyota Motor president Kuah Kock Heng says UMW Toyota technicians are currently undergoing training on how to carry out the necessary corrective measures, and they will contact Prius owners beginning this Friday – the 12th of February.

He also added that undelivered new units of the Toyota Prius will also roll out of the showrooms with the fix already applied. Look after the jump for UMW Toyota’s press release republished in verbatim.