Michelin’s new Pilot Sport 3 has just been unveiled sometime last month, and the PS3 will replace the PS2 as well as the Pilot Exalto – a new merged line-up. Of course, the Exalto isn’t offered here officially in Malaysia so for us it’ll replace just the PS2.

Here’s some of the ‘features’ of the new PS3:

  • Green Power Compound – a rubber formula that includes silica particles that is designed for good wet grip. Silica helps reduce heat build up.
  • Anti Surf System – a specially shaped shoulder that evacuates large volumes of water. It reduces risk of hydroplaning.
  • Programmed Distortion Tyre – improves steering precision while at the same time increasing tread life. It keeps the rubber tread at an optimal temperature in all circumstances. At low speeds, the tread heats up quickly to attain the level of flexibility required for good traction. At high speeds, it stiffens to prevent excessive temperature build-up.

Michelin claims that the new PS 3 stops a good 3 meters shorter than its predecessor during full on hard braking, which means higher levels of grip. The 3 meter result was performed last year by TUV using 245/40ZR18 size PS3 rubber. Other improvements cited include better wet roadholding, a more precise steering, and better fuel economy as well. Of course, these are all to be tested. I still have my set of PS2 in very new condition on my non-staggered wheels (as I switched to a staggered setup with Goodyear Eagle F1 Assymetric) so perhaps a back to back comparison test is due!

The tyre itself is a rather high end tyre so the sizes that it is available in are also some of the larger ones. The range expected to be available by end 2010 is from as small as a 195/45R16 up to a 275/40ZR19. The PS3 is already standard equipment on a few cars in some countries such as the Audi A4, the Audi A5 and the Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG.

Look after the jump for more detailed technical info on the PS3.

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