When VW-owned Bugatti introduced the Veyron, they worked hard on combining what its prospective customers would want from a high end bullet on wheels, which was ultimate luxury garnered with extreme power.

TranStar Racing is trying to do the same with the release of the Dagger GT, which produces a record breaking 2,000hp from a 572 multifuel (petrol/methanol/hydrogen/ethanol) twin turbo racing unit. Produced by Nelson Racing Engines, the monster car puts out an equally spine tingling 2,710Nm of torque which is paired with a TranStar/Mendeola 6-speed transmission.

If figures are to be believed, the car can explode from 0 to 96km/h in just 1.5 seconds whereas that infamous quarter mile (400 meter) drag is accomplished in just 6.7 seconds. Believe it or not, this goes on to reach a claimed top speed of 483km/h, which is higher than the 425km/h official record just set by the Veyron.

The car uses high-strength 4130 Chromoly Steel for the chassis while the outer body is covered in carbon fibre which brings weight down in the supercar. Handmade to prospective customer’s specification, they will have the option of a hard-core racing model, a street-legal comfortable-riding sport model, or a soft-riding, luxurious GT-X model.

The cost of this luxury sets you back a measly US$450,000 which is a bargain when you consider that the company is trying to make a car that looks like it’s worth a million dollars. Contributing to that unique supercar persona is the fact that only 5 units will be constructed for 2011, while a further 10 is being planned for 2012.

It’s a little hard to say what kind of car this is just from specs and pictures. The Veyron may have a huge amount of horsepower but it’s crazily heavy as well thanks to all the insulation to separate the driver from all the rawness. I doubt the Dagger follows the same formula.

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