While the news on Proton’s new Proton Inspira model is still hot off the press, Proton is already busy preparing the final stages of its next generation Proton Persona, referred to so far by the Proton management as the “Persona R”. R in this case stands for Replacement.

We may be looking at the Persona R being launched somewhere in early to mid 2012 based on a filing by Proton parts supplier Ingress Corporation Berhad to Bursa Malaysia. Ingress reported that it received a Letter of Intents from Proton for the supply of two parts for a new project – Roof Drip Mouldings and Door Sash. Supply for both parts are for 5 years and are supposed to commence in Q4 of it’s financial year ending 31st January 2012, which means somewhere from November 2011 to January 2012.

There are a lot of exciting things coming up from Proton and their engineering resources must be quite stretched – the Persona R, the Campro Turbo engine (along with the Exora Turbo to debut next year), a revision to the normally aspirated Campro engines, matching their engines with new family of transmissions (Punch for CVT automatic and Getrag for manual), the Saga facelift, and preparing to put the Proton EMAS into production.