fiat 500 prima

There’s certainly keen interest in Fiat over in the US as the company moves closer to its much-anticipated market return there in December. A limited-edition Fiat 500 model, called the Prima Edizione (First Edition, to give it its suffix in English) sold out in no time after the 500 unit run was announced in July.

Last week, one of these select Cinquecentos was auctioned off for US$69,000 at the National Italian American Foundation 35th Anniversary Gala, with the proceeds from the auction going to the NIAF’s education and scholarship program. It’s easily the most expensive Cinquecento around (costing more than something like a BMW 550i XDrive, mind you), but all for a good cause, in this case.

fiat 500 prima 2

The Fiat 500 Prima Edizione, which comes in three colours – Bianco (White), Rosso (Red) and Grigio (Gray) – are all manual transmission versions and will each feature a sequential VIN and Prima Edizione badge according to production order.

In related news, Chrysler last week began selecting its Fiat dealers, announcing that it wants dealers in 119 markets in the US and will name more by year’s end. The US dealers will be ready to take orders for the Fiat 500, which the company is hoping to move 50,000 units of in the first year. Alfa Romeo is expected to join this particular renaissance in 2012.