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It really is a case of having a lot of faith – American electric vehicle maker Wheego Electric Cars will be launching sales of its ultra-compact LiFe EV across the US in mid-December, even though it hasn’t yet gotten the Environmental Protection Agency certification that’s needed to do so. At the LA show, the company said it is confident it’ll obtain the necessary formality in time.

The two-seater LiFe (and doesn’t that shape remind you of a particular two-seater?), which derives its name from a play on the symbols of lithium and iron, is driven by an electric motor powered by a 115V lithium-ion battery, and with 60 hp on tap gets to a top speed of 112 kph.

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The US-engineered LiFe, utilising a body made in China, can be charged from a standard 120V or 240V outlet, as well as a J1772 standard charging station, the last which are being installed in public locations throughout the US. It comes equipped with driver and passenger airbags and ABS brakes and in six colours.

Wheego added in LA that it has plans to introduce a five-passenger car in late next year, as well as a compact pickup based on that vehicle sometime in early 2012.

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