Goodyear Malaysia has launched the Goodyear Highway Helper iPhone app that can be download from Apple iTunes. The free app provides users with quick access to useful contacts such as emergency help, police, tow trucks and taxis. It also contains car maintenance advice, safe driving tips and troubleshooting guides, games and dealer search functions.

“We developed the iPhone app to provide added value to our customers, especially when they need it the most. It’s not only informative, but also entertaining as well, with games that can be shared amongst friends on Facebook,” said Nasution Abdul Rahman, MD of Goodyear Malaysia.

Along with the app, Goodyear Malaysia has also revamped their corporate website. Besides aesthetics, the website now has a “Request for Quote” function where once can search for the right tyres to fit a particular make or model of car, and get quotes for easier reference.

This feature also allows consumers to check and compare prices online and across stores before making a final purchase. Locating dealers is now made easier with Google Maps.

Get the Goodyear Highway Helper iPhone app here. Goodyear Malaysia’s web address is