Yes, Lotus Racing is now Team Lotus, at least according to FIA’s 2011 official entry list that was released at the end of last month. What does team boss Tony Fernandes have to say about yesterday’s announcement that Group Lotus has bought over Renault’s shares in the Renault F1 Team to form Lotus-Renault?

“Dany Bahar has done us a favour. Never felt better about our future and Team Lotus. Looks like they’re trying to hijack our black and gold idea,” Fernandes wrote on his Twitter page, referring to Group Lotus’ CEO. Last month, Lotus Racing said that they will be ditching their green/yellow for the famous black/gold livery.

Technical chief Mike Gascoyne also had something to say. “Thanks for all the messages of support from our fans,” he wrote on Twitter. “Rest assured, we are Team Lotus and we are here to stay and we at Team Lotus are in F1 to design, build and race F1 cars from our home in Norfolk, and in the future to win as a Team, bring it on.”

Even as this camp is in defiant mood, Group Lotus boss Dany Bahar isn’t wishing for his opponents to fade away. He told BBC Radio Norfolk: “Not at all (a problem) – for me, four (cars on the grid) are better than two. The controversy, that is something that has mainly been pushed up by media I would say, has been dealt with directly by our shareholders in Malaysia and with the owners of the 1Malaysia Racing Team and doesn’t really touch us.

“However, my personal opinion is that four Lotus brands out there is better than two. I have nothing against that.”