Alfa Romeo is rumored to be set to introduce a concept car at this year’s Geneva show called the Alfa Romeo 4C GTA Concept. It will basically be a preview of an affordable rear wheel drive sports car to be added to the Alfa Romeo model line-up sometime in the future.

Unlike the flagship 8C which can cost over 200,000 Euros, the 4C is intended to be more of a sports car for the masses and an indicative price tag has been set at the 40,000 Euro mark. Alfa Romeo has exhibited similar looking cars in the past, like the Alfa Romeo Diva Concept shown above.

Interestingly, rumors are saying Alfa Romeo is targeting an 850kg curb weight for the 2-seater car, which would basically make it a sort of Italian Lotus Elise. Power will be via a 1.8 litre turbocharged direct injection 4-potter making around 250 horsepower, which would give the car a very nice power to weight ratio if the 850kg target is met. Apparently the chassis will be a derivative of the KTM X-Bow’s.