It looks like UMW Toyota will be revamping its Toyota Vios line-up soon, with teasers of the new range already on its website.

Something new is a variant called the Toyota Vios G Limited, which is teased on the website with black and white outlines. Based on the preliminary specs teased on their site, the G Limited is similiar to the G but adds a bodykit and a more prominent front grille.

We chanced upon an actual full image of the Vios 1.5G Limited completely by chance, as our team spotted a man carrying a brochure of the new car walking past us as we were having a drink at a mamak. We quickly took the opportunity to snap a photo of it.

Look after the jump for a small gallery of details of the Vios G Limited, including a detailed table comparing the specs of the Vios G Limited, the G and the TRD Sportivo models.

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