Alfa Romeo developing 1.8L turbo engine with 300 hp!

Good news for the alfisti. According to reports from Italy, Alfa Romeo is planning a 1.8-litre turbocharged petrol engine with a whopping 300 hp! This translates to an amazing 167 hp per litre. And knowing Alfa, it should sound the part too, making this a much anticipated motor.

Designed for both transverse and longitudinal installation, the all-aluminium engine will have high-pressure (200 bar) fuel injection and is predicted to use Fiat’s unique Multiair variable valve timing system. The company says that this new engine will meet the super-strict European EU6 and US Tier2Bin5 emission standards.

This 1.8L turbo is expected to debut in the new Giulia sedan, the replacement for the 159, in early 2014. Reviving a famous name from the 1960s, the new Giulia will be Alfa’s rival to the upcoming F30 BMW 3-Series and the Mercedes C-Class. The planned 4C sports car should be another recipient.

Autocar UK points out that since this engine can be mounted longitudinally, it should also make it into Alfa Romeo’s planned rear driven big flagship saloon. The last big Alfa was the 166 that was discontinued in 2007.