The MediaCorp Subaru Impreza WRX Challenge 2011 is well into its fourth day now, and after last night’s “critical period” only six contestants remain – all locals. The last of the regional contestants was Neblasca Alex Jr, who just dropped out. The Filipino is therefore the “Asian Winner”, awarded to the longest lasting non Singaporean. The last Malaysian standing dropped out this morning.

Battling the cold of the night and extreme exhaustion, contestants pushed themselves beyond their physical limitations, but a big chunk of them eventually had to throw in the towel. In the last six is last year’s runner-up Abdul Hamid bin Jonid.

I paid the Ngee Ann City event area a visit yesterday night, to watch their 7pm break time and it was interesting. Five minutes were all they had to eat, go to the toilet, get a massage and wash themselves before the next 5-minute break at 1am. Not everyone managed to do all, some electing to run for the food (chicken rice or vegetarian + energy drink) first while others rushed to the toilets.

The 7pm daily breaks are special, because a family member can come in to lend support. That hug and kiss can be invaluable considering the states of mind of the contestants – some were hallucinating and many looked like zombies!

Here are the pics from yesterday. Stay tuned for the results later today!