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Detroit has passed and now it’s Geneva’s turn in the annual major motor show calendar, so expect to see teasers and online reveals before the wraps come off in Switzerland in March. Here’s one from Mitsubishi, teasing a new model from the front. While it looks like a development of the Concept PX-MiEV, MMC didn’t give any clue on the type of vehicle, only saying that it’s an all new model.

To be sold within this year, this mystery model marks the start of an all-new generation of global products for Mitsubishi Motors, which is set in MMC’s “Jump 2013” business plan for a greener and more global Mitsubishi. This new family of cars and SUVs will see a “gradual transition to a re-focused design language”.

This new design language is not yet finalised, but it’s said to be flexible enough to suit specific vehicle requirements whilst staging MMC’s famous Three Diamond logo accordingly. The company says that this “engineering-driven look” will be “refined yet assertive”.

Click here to see the Concept PX-MiEV that was shown in Tokyo 2011.