TomTom recently announced the availability of its latest map products for the Asia Pacific region, delivering new coverage and features for automotive, enterprise and government customers.

“Offering the highest quality maps is TomTom’s mission; the Asia Pacific region is no exception, evidenced by fully attributed coverage for China, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore and Brunei,” said Charles Cautley, MD of TomTom Licensing. “Upgrading our mobile mapping vans in Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand with the latest technology is further enabling TomTom to ensure our products feature the best attribution possible to support the navigation, geocoding, and other location needs of all our customers,” he added.

Some highlights of the latest product release include the introduction of Voice Maps in Thai and Bahasa Indonesia, the first Voice Maps product supporting tonal languages where different tones distinguish different meanings of a word, visualisation enhanced with additional 3D Landmarks for important buildings, 2D building footprints and Junction Views for complex intersections throughout the region.

Also new are the debut of lane and signpost information added in inner-city areas of central Bangkok. The street network in over 100 cities in India and nearly 83,000 km in China has been upgraded to full attribution, supporting the most demanding navi apps. Lastly, continuous coverage and content expansion and improvements in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam have been done, with the addition of nearly one million Address Points throughout the region.

This update comes after TomTom’s recent signing of a global agreement with Apple to provide the latter with maps and related info.