The European Honda Civic Type R hatchback based on the FN2 body was discontinued two years ago, following the path of the FD2 Civic Type R sedan, the first and only Type R to be officially sold in Malaysia. The FN2 Type R was a another victim of rising emission standards, but it looks like Honda is planning to resurrect the Euro Civic Type R!

UK’s Autocar says that a new Type R based on the current Civic hatchback will be confirmed for production at the upcoming Paris Motor Show. The mag goes on to predict a preview at next year’s Geneva show, before the hot hatch hits showrooms in the following year.

No news on the new Typer R’s engine yet. Will Honda update its high revving naturally aspirated i-VTEC engine – which has become a Type R trademark – to meet new emission standards, or go the turbocharged route? The European way of turbocharged downsizing is hard to beat in terms of efficiency, but it’ll be sad to see sweet NA engines go the way of the dodo. Becasue of that, I’m rooting for the first solution!