A study carried out by Maritz Research has yielded this result – of 80,219 people who had bought 2012 model year cars in the US, 11.4% didn’t take a test drive, The Detroit Free Press reported.

Among the inferences are the increasing numbers of shoppers doing their own car research online (specifically 80%), not liking to deal with sales and dealership staff and wanting to buy quickly because of a general lack of interest in cars.

The report quotes several car dealers, who say the test drive is an important part of the car buying process because it could “convert a wavering shopper to a committed buyer.” Without taking a test drive, the customer wouldn’t have the opportunity to test any other vehicles before making a purchase, while the dealer loses the chance to lure the customer to a higher price bracket.

Philip Reed, a former dealership representative, told The Detroit Free Press: “The feel of the wheel will seal the deal,” adding that test-driving is like “trying on a suit. You’re trying to find out, does it fit me?”

What about you? Did you test drive your last purchase before you bought it? Drop us a comment – we’d love to know how many of you try before you buy.