Earlier in the month, it was reported that the Mazda CX-5 is now being sold here with 17-inch wheels (as seen above), the latter replacing the 19-inch units – and 255/55 series rubbers – that equipped the SUV when it made its debut here in May. The story also indicated that the 19-inch alloys can still be had, for an additional RM3,000 premium.

While Bermaz Motor posted the notice of the size change on its website as well as on its Facebook page, no reasons were ventured as to why the scaling down in the wheel/tyre sizing has come about. Now, a Japanese news report may explain to a degree why.

Apparently, a shortage of 19-inch tyres over in Japan has resulted in delivery delays for the top trim lines of the CX-5. In order to offset that, Mazda will start offering versions with smaller 17-inch wheel/tyres around mid-September, the Nikkei reports.

Currently, buyers have to wait more than three months for delivery of vehicles with 19-inch wheels, while the 17-inch versions shorten the time frame sooner, by at least a month. Demand for the SUV has been phenomenal, and until recently, the delivery time for the top trim lines was five months or more because of procurement delays for 19-inch tyres.