Some other Daihatsu news from IIMS. Not new, and certainly not a debut, but worth a mention all the same. The automaker certainly pulled out all the stops for the 2012 Indonesian International Motor Show, not just showcasing its new Ayla 1.0 litre eco-car and the UFC Concept, but also brought out a couple of other concepts first seen in Tokyo last year.

The D-X – or D-Cross – and D-R Concepts were part of the display inventory, and though not centre stage items, received their fair share of attention. Both roadster studies are powered by a 660 cc two-cylinder turbocharged engine, and offer different takes on the open-top approach.

The rugged D-X may be the flashier and eye-catching of the two, but there’s a quiet elegance about the D-R, which features two interchangeable body “styles,” either stylish or more dynamic, through the use of removable resin-based exterior panels. There are no plans to get either into production, but isn’t it time for a new Copen, which is now history?