Well, looks like the one-off 4G internet-enabled Proton Inspira is up for sale. The car, won by Ng Oon-Ee in the Yes/Proton online contest, has been spotted on our sister site oto.my, going for RM99,999.

The Yes 4G Proton Inspira is unmistakable, what with its Yes 4G themed exterior decal, titanium black tinting and 18-inch sports alloy wheels. Inside, the car is decked out with a Bluetooth-enabled Sony audio system as well as three iPad 2 Wifi and a Yes Huddle 4G mobile hotspot.

Ng was announced as the winner of the Facebook contest on August 15, and received his car on September 27. It hasn’t clocked the miles at all, the odometer registering 209 km done at time of posting the ad.