Peter Schreyer mentions his dream of making a convertible for the Kia brand in almost every interview he gives to the media. Unfortunately this has nothing to do with that dream being fulfilled.

The Kia K3 convertible you see in this gallery that is being shown at the 2013 Seoul Motor Show this week is probably only modified to be a promotional vehicle for the Kia Tigers baseball club. Being built on the K3 instead of the Koup, it retains the K3’s four door design, which probably isn’t going to make sense structurally for production.

What segment do you think Kia will build a convertible for? We’ve heard all kinds of rumours including a supposedly confirmed convertible Kia Soul, which Kia later firmly denied. And if it happens, will it be a lifestyle convertible built on a front wheel drive platform like the Kia Exceed Concept, or a sporty rear wheel drive convertible built on the Genesis rear wheel drive platform?