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Boustead Petroleum Marketing, the company behind BHPetrol, has launched another new contest – Drive4Power offers motorists a chance to win cash prizes totalling more than a million ringgit as well as millions of ePoints.

Attractive cash prizes and ePoints are up for grabs with the purchase of DriveM7 Energy Drink or any other item, excluding purchase of RON 95 petrol, diesel, flour, cooking oil and sugar. Customers just have to answer three simple questions related to service station safety and drop the entry form into the drop box at any participating BHPetrol station.

The contest is divided into three stages – the first stage is for entry with purchase made from September 15 to October 15, while the second stage is from October 16 to November 15, and the third, from November 16 to December 15.

Each stage will feature one RM100,000 grand prize, as well as one RM50,000 and one RM20,000 cash reward prize. Additionally, there are 10 cash rewards of RM10,000 each, 50 cash reward prizes of RM1,000 each and 50 consolation prizes of 50,000 ePoints each. There are also 25 limited edition Aaron Aziz Signature DriveM7 T-shirts up for grabs in each stage.

Eligible participants can submit as many valid entries within the contest period, but are entitled to win one prize only. Contest forms will not be rolled over to the following stage’s draw, and all winners will be selected based on a manual lucky draw by BHPetrol.