subaru levorg 1

Subaru will be debuting its Levorg concept at the Tokyo Motor Show in November, and while it sounds like a character from a sci-fi or horror movie, the company says that the Levorg name is nothing more than an amalgamation of the words legacy, revolution and touring.

The word combination suggests a vehicle that essentially previews a new Legacy, here in its wagon form – one wonders if it’ll be as flashy and outrageous as the Advanced Tourer Concept from the 2011 show. Probably not, given that Subaru says a production version is already on the cards and will be introduced in Japan next year.

The Levorg will be powered by a newly minted 1.6 litre four-pot boxer mill featuring direct-injection and turbocharging. No output figures as yet, so we’ll have to wait for the show to find out more. The prototype will also showcase the company’s second-gen EyeSight safety system.

Joining the Levorg at the Subaru stand will be a 4.3 metre-long SUV study called the Cross Sport Design Concept as well as a seven-seat crossover called the Crossover 7 Concept, which will have an interior dressed in smooth tan leather and be powered by a 2.5 litre boxer lump, among other novelties.