General Motors will shift its international operations headquarters from Shanghai to Singapore in Q2 2014, according to Reuters. In a bid to make it easier to focus on the Middle Kingdom market, GM separated its China operations from its international unit earlier this year.

The American corporation said it had considered other locations for the move as well as contemplated keeping the HQ in the Chinese city, but chose Singapore in the end. A team of 120 in the Lion City will oversee “key parts” of the company’s operations in Asia Pacific, Africa and the Middle East.

The new base will house some of GM’s sales and marketing, finance, government relations, human resources, IT and legal functions.

“It (Singapore) offers several advantages, including greater proximity to key CIO markets such as ASEAN and India, the Middle East and Africa,” GM international operations communications VP Lori Arpin told Reuters.

The news agency cites Singapore’s competitive tax rates, proficiency in English, skilled workforce and high standard of living as some of the plus points that lure multinational companies to the country.