Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) has announced a big recall (or Special Service Campaign, if you like) for the Toyota Hilux pick-up, Fortuner SUV and Innova MPV. Such models manufactured from 2005 to 2010 are involved, affecting a total of 82,457 units in Malaysia alone.

The driver airbag module’s spiral cable assembly is at fault here, as TMC has found that there’s a small possibility of it being damaged when the steering wheel is turned. If that happens, the airbag warning light would turn on, while the airbag itself could be deactivated and thus not deploy in an event of a crash.

Local distributor UMW Toyota will contact the owners of the affected vehicles to carry out the necessary corrective measures, including replacing the suspect parts with improved ones. All the work will be done at no cost to the owners.

This is part of a massive global recall that affects no less than 6.39 million Toyota vehicles worldwide over various faults and defects. The amount covers five individual recalls, the most major of which (3.5 million units) concerns the unreliable airbag spiral cable mentioned above.

Other issues include possible malfunctioning driver’s seat rails (where it would not lock in place; 2.32 million units), failing steering column brackets (chance of breaking away under duress; 760,000 units), windshield wipers with drainage problems (160,000 units) and possible fire hazard in starter motors (20,000 units).

That’s a grand sum of 6.76 million vehicles, but certain models are involved in multiple recall campaigns, hence the lower 6.39 million total. Overall, the global recall affects 27 Toyota models, plus the Toyota-built Pontiac Vibe and Subaru Trezia.

This comes mere months after TMC issued a separate recall in February, which affected 2.1 million units of its hybrid models. In Malaysia, 6,160 units of the Prius were involved.

2010 Toyota Hilux 3.0G