Making an early appearance on the Internet ahead of its scheduled debut at the Beijing Auto Show, the Peugeot Exalt concept is a very interesting design study of an upcoming C-segment-sized four-door coupe model from the French brand. Sleek and sexy, it’s a mean looking thing.

For those with a good memory, it’s the same concept Peugeot teased back in January. It was said then that the new show car would be a direct continuation of the bold Onyx concept from Paris 2012. From the sole image released so far, the statement wasn’t an exaggeration. It has been tamed, for sure, but the connections are clear.

The concept could very well be a preview of a new four-door coupe model, or even the next-generation 408. It certainly doesn’t look like the conventionally proportioned 308 Sedan that we’ve spied testing last year, so perhaps Peugeot is planning two sedan models based on the latest 308, like it has done with the current 308 Sedan and 408 models.

Apparently, there’s a new petrol-electric Hybrid4 system – instead of PSA’s existing diesel hybrids – under the low bonnet, offering as much as 340 PS. The big wheeled, low standing four-door coupe would have the power to match its catchy looks, it seems.

We’ll know more when Auto China 2014 gets on the way later this month.