kia gdm 01

Kia has announced details of its new mobile Global Diagnostics System (GDS-Mobile), which has been introduced for its dealer network. Updated in real-time via an internet connection to the central Kia database, the third-generation vehicle diagnostics system is the world’s first mobile-based diagnostic solution designed and optimised for use on mobile tablet devices.

The Korean automaker says the new system will allow vehicle technicians to identify any faults with customer vehicles more effectively, and in less time – wireless connectivity and Bluetooth support allow technicians to move around a vehicle instead of having to return to a fixed heavy diagnostic computer or move a cart around the workshop.

The system doesn’t require a wire to connect to a vehicle, with the use of a Compact Vehicle Communication Interface providing the necessary wireless connection. As well as boosting service efficiency and quality of maintenance and repair work, the system will also cost Kia dealers substantially less than existing diagnostics systems.

Both vehicle and service information on the regional server – transferred to the mobile device – is updated in real time, from a central database housed in Kia’s global headquarters in Seoul, Korea. The system is now available for Kia workshops in every market except China, which will receive its own version towards the end of 2014.