Reader Afif Fahimi sent in this picture of a kitted-up Suzuki Swift, taken at a Kesas toll plaza. The white unit has a red roof and a matching red pinstripe underlining the bumper, Mercedes A 250 Sport style. There’s an ‘RS’ badge stuck below the ‘Swift’ emblem, but if you can’t see that, just look at the number plate.

Now, it’s easy to get excited by an RS badge, used by Ford and Renault on their hottest hatches, but this is definitely not a hot-hatch of the same realm as the Renault Clio RS, Peugeot 208 GTI and Ford Fiesta ST.

Globally, the 136 PS Swift Sport is the most potent of its kind, and from what we can see, this “Swift RS” isn’t based on the SSS, as it doesn’t have the former’s twin pipes and diffuser.

The Suzuki Swift Sport has a rear diffuser with two tail pipes poking through

So, we’re guessing that this mystery Swift is a kitted-up variant of the 95 PS/130 Nm CKD Suzuki Swift 1.4, possibly with extra equipment alongside the exterior add-ons. Mid last year, Maruti wheeled out a jazzed-up, limited-edition Swift RS in India, and it looks like Malaysia is set to follow suit.

The third-gen Swift was launched here in CBU form back in January 2013 (unveiled by the gorgeous Neelofa!), before the Pekan-assembled CKD version rolled out in May 2013, along with an entry-level GL variant. Current prices are RM65,888 for the GL and RM73,788 for the GLX.